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Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot? Answered

I have made the chassis and everything for my robot, but to make my robot even go remotely forward, I have to code

And even then it goes in a big circle to the left. I have tried to code it less for the right motor but it just goes backwards.
Can you please tell me why this happens and how to fix it.


Well, check how the wheels are turning !! Lift the robot on its back, so the wheels are upside down, and play with commands to the servos.

Put a little sticker or something on the edge of the wheel to make a timing mark.

Is a drive slipping ?

What happens to the wheel speed if you send -50 to a motor ? Does it run at half speed ? Should it ?

I tried to write less for one motor but it just makes that one turn backwards and could it be a problem with pwm? should I try to put it on different pins

Other thoughts:
Did you make these servos up yourself ?
Did you put a trimmer in place of the pot ?
Did you adjust the zero speed, with a "position demand" of zero from the Arduino with the trimmer ?


i bought them from Parralax, and I fixed it with the trimmer. i didn't know what they were for, but I tried it and it is going straight. thx

Can you point me to a link to your motor drive servo ? I am wondering if you have any control of speed of the motor at all ?


Ironic how kids don't meet a question head on but something you say makes a connection and leads them to a solution or fix and that is enough for them.

You and others like us, who want to know Why, as we build a library of causes and effects.
I wonder when kids get interested in details, maybe late teens as I don't remember.


I don't remember either, it was too damned long ago.....


7 years ago

I'm not an Arduino programmer, is (-100) a valid number ??
A large left circle tells me the Left-Servo is going Forward but not as fast as the
That is why Steve wants you to check out the Wheels. A