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Arduino Powered Motor Controlled by Push Button Answered

I am very new to Arduino, but have a project in mind that I would love help with. On Friday I will have the Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 and many extra parts like servos, motors, etc. I have also read through Intro to Arduino V2 and Arduino cookbook, so I'm trying to learn but I'd appreciate any help I could get with this project.

I would like to control a stepper motor with a push button to lower what will basically be a drawbridge. I will need the motor to stop at a certain point and then be able to push the same button or another to raise the bridge. I may also want to incorporate a Scrolling LED on the box housing the button(s). I'm still a noob but the code looks like something I would be able to work out (but I'll take any and all advice), I'm going to need a lot of help with designing the circuit and being sure I know how to connect an outside power source so I do not short the board in anyway. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and I will gladly list you as a source when this project is completed.


You will need a motor controller capable of powering the motor. You won't be able to connect the motors directly to the Arduino. It will draw way more power than the Arduino can provide. There are many motor shields available for the Arduino so see if any can support the power needs of the motor in question. If not you will need to make your own.

Once I have a motor shield, which I will purchase, how would I set everything up.

Hook up your motor as required, use the recommended library for controlling the motors and start figuring out how your program will run.