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Arduino Pushbutton interrupt? Answered

So I've hooked up my Christmas lights to some solid state relays and hooked those to my Arduino and I have some interesting patterns of lights that I can make. But I would like to be able to turn the lights on and then press a push button and have one light pattern start and then press that same button again and get a second pattern and so on. I've gotten that to work, the only problem is, the patters are quite lengthy (5-10 seconds) and I don't want to have to hold the button until the pattern is over. So how do I use the interrupt function (or one like it) to stop the function and start a new one as soon as the button is pressed?


You could use an interrupt, but lets see the code first.

Show your code.

Interrupts are not what your looking for. What you can do is create a variable to track the number of presses. So when the button is pressed add 1 to the variable. Then do a comparison of the variable so if the variable is greater than the number of patters you have store 1 to that variable. Then check the variable and call to a separate void which has the light pattern. There is more to it but you'll be able to figure it out i'm sure.