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Arduino Serial monitor to LC Answered


I manage it to work, now i have a short, cross and continuity tester for cables.

PM if u need the code.

Best regards,

Paul L.


Hello everyone,

Can some help me to change the code in order to use a push button to start the test and all the result to be moved from serial monitor to an LCD with I2C, the address of the LCD is (0x27) and it`s useing pin21_SCL, pin20_SDA 5V and GND.

If its anyone with more experience then me and could do that, the help is welcome :)

Download the Code <- here you will find the code named test28.ino and the LCD code that I used to test the LCD, and a text file with the pins used by the LCD.

Thank you,

Paul Lungoci


Does your LCD test work OK ?


I assume this is about an Instructable you are viewing. Post the question in there, and perhaps the original author can help.

Its not about an Instructable that i funded here, its about finding someone that can help me modifying an arduino code that is using serial monitor to interact with the program instead of and display 16x2 and a push button.

OK, so post your code ! How can we tell if we can help otherwise ?
Which LCD are you using ?