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Arduino WiFI Shield Answered

hello all
i would like if you can help me, im doing a project and it is a gps in small plane that transmit data through wifi.i was thinking if i should use Arduino WiFI Shield on connected to a gps and wirless. my questions is:

is Arduino WiFI Shield the best thing to use or there is other things you can recommend me to use?

if i wanna make the range of a plane up to 1Km and the wireless 1km do i need to fix both transmitter and reciver or it is enough from one side?

please help me


If you want rube goldberg, Get an ethernet shield and attach a wireless router, access point, or the like..

You will need to get a transmitter and receiver combo that can transmit the range you want and fit in your plane. Wi-Fi will only go a few hundred feet. It will be easier to use a GPS module with an arduino rather than hacking an existing GPS. Look around there are similar projects.