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Arduino Workshop Nottingham UK Answered

More information at www.nottinghack.org.uk

Arduino-Sundae - An all day workshop from 11am 3rd October 2010 Station Street Nottingham.

£40 - Includes Oomlout Arduino Budget Pack.

An introduction to Arduino for beginners.

Step by step introduction to working with the Arduino prototyping board and an introduction to microprocessors in general. In addition to on-screen step-by-step instruction, experienced hackers will be there to help you. Includes an Arduino Kit or bring your own for a discount.

A day filled with Arduino using the www.oomlout.co.uk Budget Arduino Kit (included in the cost of the workshop or buy and bring your own for a discount). 
Schedule for the day:

11:00 - Settle in get your kit open it up and have a play around meet others etc 
11:30 - "Hello World" Arduino 101 basic Arduino introduction including setting up external LEDs, Motors and sensors etc 
12:30 - Show n' Tell - Arduino-Projects-Show-Case a number of projects including - Drawbot, Arduino Tank, 3D Printer RepRap, Addressable lights and many more (bring one too if you like) will be available for inspiration, discussion and tuition. 
13:30 Lunch (bring your own or pop to a local place we are very central) 
1400 - Use the pool of parts to try your own project. Helpful and experienced hackers want to help you learn more and will circulate to answer your questions. At Nottinghack there are no stupid questions. 
16:00 - Close (but your welcome to stay until 18:00 then we'll probably go for a coffee or beer).

Have a think about what you'd like to learn. We have a few suggested projects to help people who aren't sure and there will be lots or electronic bits n' bobs to help you get stuck in.

Make sure you bring your laptop and download the Arduino Open Source environment and install it before the workshop


The cost of the workshop is only £40 including the Oomlout Budget Pack for Arduino and a day of tuition and hands on help. If you already have an Arduino and the required equipment the cost is £20 only.


Here is a link to the album from the event -

It was a beginners workshop and not about making Instructables so we couldn't have given it the time and quality needed.

We'll be running a 102 and another 101 soonish. We've more events coming up including a learn to solder on 13th at 6pm at the Nottingham Hackspace

I think Nottingham is up north.... unless you live up north.

Ah if only I wasn't moving up north later in the month, I'd definitely be coming!

This is tomorrow 3rd October from 11am only 5 places left more info here

Looks like a good day - I hope you'll post a report, maybe even create, write up and publish an Instructable or three on the day?