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Arduino Yun Garage Door Opener? Answered

I have an Arduino Yun with a Seeed Relay Shield and trying to create a garage door opener.  I have tried just about every sketch available but no luck.  It seems the sketches are for Arduino Uno boards with Ethernet Shields.  I tried that but was unable to establish network connectivity with a W5200 Seeed Ethernet Shield on an Arduino Uno (that's why I went with the Yun).  I am new to this and would appreciate any advice or help.



3 years ago

Both your phone and the relay that closes the cotacts to open/close the electric door need to be net-worthy !

They are. Android smartphones and Arduino Yun with Seeed Relay Shield.

Tricky. You have a lot to do there.

What are you actually TRYING to do ?

I'm trying to make a device that I can open and close a garage door via a WiFi phone. Sounds simple enough but everything I see uses the Uno and Ethernet Shield combination and a relay. I bought the parts but can't get the Uno and Ethernet Shield to connect on the network. I tried multiple shields. The difference is the sketch calls the W5100 but my shield is W5200. I tried loading W5200 library but still no good. I decided to buy the Yun which does connect to the network. The sketch for the Uno doesn't work on the Yun. A long winded response but I hope it helps. :)