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Arduino and a RFID lock? Answered

I am trying to get the arduino to know when a certain RFID tag has been read.(so it can be used in a lock application)

I tried taking the code array variable and seeing if it was equal to the the what showed up in the serial monitor window with the program on the arduino playground page.  But it came up with the error "exponent has no digits" .  So what would I have to use so that the arduino can interpret the "code" array and see if it is equal to a certain tag?

I know that there are already door lock programs out there, but I like to know how programs work so I can learn from them and apply that to future projects.

Thanks in Advance!




Best Answer 8 years ago

I would highly recommend starting with someone else's program and reverse engineering those - it would make a lot more sense than trying to debug the code based on (what I find) are incomplete playground sketches.  I can never seem to get them to work straight out of the box.


8 years ago

You've got an RFID reader and software on your machine I guess. So you want to connect the RFID software to your microcontroller which is running the lock?
What RFID stuff have you got?
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