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Arduino and iPhone Garage Door Opener Via SMS? Answered

I would like to be able to send my Arduino a text from my iphone that when the Arduino receives it, it will move a servo that will push the garage door opener button. I am new to this and have tried searching on the internet, but all that I have found is complicated devices that don't completely work with my situation.
I have an iPhone 5 and an Arduino Uno

I was looking at getting an Ethernet shield but I was hoping that I could find a wifi shield that does the same thing without a Ethernet cable. Does that exist?


Look at kabir's sms irrigation project. That does what you want, with a mobile phone.

Thank you very much. I was looking through the instructions and I was looking at the parts list:

1. 1x cheap/old/used GSM mobile phone with SMS feature(with charger)
2. 1x Activated GSM SIM/micro-SIM card of your preferred provider
3. 1x Miniature Circuit Breakers
4. 1x 120v/240v(choose for your country) 30 Amp Relays
5. 1x Atmega 168/328p or an Arduino (OR any other micro with which you are friendly)
6. 1x 9v Power Supply for the Arduino/Atmega etc.
7. 1x Universal charger if you don't have a phone charger
8. 1x High-Gain external antenna(optional)
9. Wires (240v/120v FIRE-PROOF wires) and some scraps for the circuit-board
10. 2x 240v terminal blocks
11. 4x spade connectors(for the relays)
12. 3x terminal blocks
13. A enclosure(to encase the electronics) like http://www.pactecenclosures.com/product-detail.php?classid=35&seriesid=38&productid=231

and so number 1, 2 and 7 are all my phone (with sim card) and charger? or do I need to buy a new phone and sim card?

No, 1,2 and 7 are the bits you need to use in the basestation. A cheap PAYG cell phone.

Okay thanks. I'm looking into it all, and one of friends was just telling me that I should probably just go for it. Make an LED that is controlled from a secure web interface and make my garage open with a circuit and then combine the two. I've ordered the wifi shield from adafruit.com and I'll start testing things out. Now I just have to pick the best answer...

I think an either net shield would be your best option. Then you can set up a twitter account for the arduino and tweet your commands to it. There are plenty of instructables for setting up the arduino to receive tweets. Rather then trying to use a servo to press the button why not wire the button through a relay. Wire it in parallel so you can still use the button.

I looked up some stuff about the Ethernet shield and all I heard was that it could send an SMS and I wasn't sure if it could also receive texts so I'll probably get that shield. Do you know how I could set that up to work with twitter. I think I'll start with something like a tweet to the account "light" and it'll turn an LED on. And then work up to getting it to open the garage. So do you know how to set it up?

It says, "This example doesn't work anymore because the Twitter authentication mode is now different and not compatible with Arduino libraries." Does that matter?

Also are the Ethernet Shield and Wifi Shield interchangeable (Other than needing an ethernet cord)?

There are a whole pile of suggested projects to do what you describe here on the right

I tried looking at those but I was looking for something more like, I'm arriving home (or someone who doesn't have access to the house is arriving) and I can tweet/text my at arduino to open the garage. The ones to the right are more when I get within wifi range or are a little to complicated for me (I'm really new) but thanks.