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Arduino as USB-client? Answered

I was searching for something fun to make with my arduino when I came across this:
I tried to make it work but it didn't work for me. could that be because I used 3.3V zener diodes?
If you made something according to the link did it work for you?


I doubt its the zeners. Did it ennumerate ?


my problem is the computer doesn't recognize the arduino(I should have mentioned).
and what exactly do you main with "Did it ennumerate ?"

The process of the computer recognising your device is called ennumeration.

Try reversing the data lines and see what happens.

Its a clever, and very complex piece of code you're playing with.


I finally had some time reversing the data lines.
but now it does nothing, the computer doesn't even see my arduino.

You SAID it didn't see your arduino the first time !

I would add some debugging code and run the Arduino's own serial port to your PC as well.

ow sorry, the first time the computer said: "device not recognized" (with the error code 43 http://technet.microsoft.com/nl-nl/library/cc725873(WS.10).aspx)

I'll try the debugging but I think you have to help me with that a bit. I'm still quit new in the arduino world.

You've picked a particularly complex project to start with then !! The V-usb driver stack is not the easiest thing to steer by the look of it.

There will be other things you need to set in the code I suspect. The REFERENCE project that this is based on is here

The arduino USB library you need is here: