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Arduino audio pitch shifter Answered

Is there any arduino libraries for shfiting the pitch of audio? I'd like to make something like 


but I'm not sure if I can with arduino. I don't need all the code, just a guide as to what library to use. Thanks!


The Arduino may not have the processing power needed for the project. The Arduino uses an 8bit chip while that project is using a 16 bit chip.

There are no Arduino libraries that deal with anything more then 8-bit audio.

Sorry for being a n00b, but what is it referring to, anyway when people mention the "bit" number of a system? I understand what a bit IS, of course, but what aspect is that number referring to?

Basically how much information its able to process. Both chips may operate at the same clock speed but on is only able to process 8 bits of information per clock cycle while the other is able to process 16 bits of information per clock cycle. So its a faster chip and able to handle the audio signal better. The Arduino is only able to handle 8-Bit sound. The kind of music you hear in old Atari video games.

Ok thank you. But couldn't you lower the, for lack of a better term, "frame rate" of the sound so it is processed with every 2 clock cycles, adding the 2 8bit cycles together?

Doesn't work like that. Fact is the Arduino can't handle the project. Its not an audio processing chip.