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Arduino battery 9.6V 650mAh. Help? Answered

I have alot of rc plane Ni-MH recharagables that I dont have a use for since my reciver blew up. Can I run my arduino deumonlative on these batterys they are 9.6V and 650mAh.

Also I wold like to know how many mA can I draw from the arduinos 5V supply.

Thanks for any help, David.


You can draw 500mA from the Arduino's 5V supply, 2.5W of power, but since it uses a low dropout regulator, it will dissipate the remaining ((9V - 5.5V) * 500mA) 1.75W into heat. Give or take.

So it will get pretty warm even if ventilated.

If you need that much current, you could instead use transistors switched by just a few mA of current from the Arduino's output pins, as in this Instructable.

I think that I can olny draw 500 mAh from the arduino otherwise the fuse kicks in.

Pulling that much from a 9V source on an arduino board is going to make somehting very hot.

You can only draw mA, not mAh