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Arduino bicycle security "system"? Or something similar? Answered

After having my bike stolen I was brainstorming ideas on how to stop it from happening in the future.
An idea I came up with is that, since I only leave my bike unlocked while going into a store, and I only go in with my friend(who also uses his bike), I would put an arduino board under each of our bikes.  There would also be a third "receiver" board that one of us would put in our pockets.  When the two bike boards are X feet away, the reciever as well as the boards would beep, flash, whatever.

So, my question is, put simply, is this possible? Exactly as outlined?
If not, how could I make it work and be similar, or at least as simple.
If it is, could you point me in the basic direction of what I would need to do with the Arduino, or w/e you think would be best.


Eventually someone would put this together....GPS tracker for your bicycle.


A technological solution would need to be enclosed in a very strong enclosure prefereably mounted to the frame of the bicycle so it could not easily be disabled by the surprized thief. To detect the attempted theft the device could contain an acceleramator to detect motion or even a simple hall-effect chip that can detect changes in magnetic heading. You might need to build in a second or two delay in the arming and disarming to allow you to mount and dismount the bike without setting off the alarm. The activation/deactivation of the device could be via a key or even a set of 5 or 6 pushbutton switches that have to be pressed simultaneously to activate and deactivate the device. When the device detects a theft in progress, it could sound a loud alarm which should deter the criminal. My favourite idea is to install a tazer in the seat that is activated via a pressure switch. 50000 volts to the groin could have the added benefit of stopping the criminal from poluting our gene pool. Unfortunately doing this is very ill-advised regardless of how happy it would make us. If you attempted this in the US I would advise you to first have a hefty personal liability insurance to help cover the costs of the resulting law suit (but please! Please! ensure a video is available and post it on youtube!) In the end I suppose a good bike lock would be much simpler... but so much less enjoyable.

I saw this once and it's really simple: A guy had taken the push-switch off a car door hinge (the one that turns the light on when the door is open).

He made a simple loudspeaker alarm circuit and put the switch on the bottom of his bike stand. Whenever he put his bike somewhere he would put the bike on it's stand and activate the system. If anyone moved the bike the alarm would go off.

But the real answer is to get a good lock and always use it; Make your bike look either less desirable than it is or just horrid; A girl I know sprayed pink dots all over hers; Mine is matt black with a shopping basket on the back.


Get a heavy-locking system. It'll be gone before you can get there, and what would you do if you could get there just before they ride away?


Honestly, they could ride away with both your bike and arduino by the time you can get outside.

My advise, as much as it's not what you want is to buy a lock and use it. I use a kryptonite faithfully when I walk away from my bike, and I take my bike bag and front and rear lights as well.