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Arduino code, that can text my phone with? Answered

is there a way to write some code that can text my phone?
will have to be connected to python?
do i need a ethernet shield?
please HELP!!!!



Best Answer 5 years ago

Research pushingbox for you web service.

Pushingbox is the web service. You just need the ethernet shield as others have said. Go to pushingbox.com. From there you can set up services to email, text, tweet, etc. There's sample code for your arduino and some example projects that others have done. The notifying doorbell is a good one.

is it like API?
can use python as the programming languge for pushing box or is there no programming languge its all in the download

They provide some API samples (click the "API" link at the top of the webpage) including a python script, but I don't think you'll need to use python. If you're wanting to use an arduino (with ethernet sheild), just use the arduino source code that they provide and add your logic to trigger your "text" event to it. No python needed unless you're trying to avoid using an ethernet shield and go serial to your pc (don't ask me how to do that, lol).

Step 1) From the website, create a service (email, tweet, notify, etc.)

Step 2) From the website, create a scenario. The scenario will execute your service when the website receives a request from your arduino with your scenario's device ID (be sure to make note of this for step 3). The website will generate a device ID for each scenario you create.

Step 3) Upload arudino code. Insert your logic to trigger your scenario. In the sample code they give you, they monitor Digital Pin 3. Remember to hard code your scenario's device ID in the arduino program.

To send a text I created an email service that used my cell phone number as the parameter (ex. 7138675309@mms.att.net)

You will need an eithernet shield and a web service that can send text messages. The the Arduino can connect to the web service and send out the message you want sent and the web service can text it to you.

so do i need to use python as the one of the programming languges, i think you can use it web-wise

You use the arduino's version of C to communicate with the Ethernet shield. The kind of info that needs to be sent to whatever site you use to actually send the text will depend on the site's needs.

Either an ethernet shield or a phone with a modem connection.