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Arduino codes Answered

Good evening Sir, Madam,

I am currently attempting to build a circuit for a college module that would use vibration data from a dc motor then send it to a microprocessor before transferring the data via Bluetooth to a pc.

I have trawled through numerous sites for the correct components to use but. My question is this. Is there a Arduino code that would enable this idea to be successful?
Having never written a code I am somewhat stumped and stressed out to the max.

I would be grateful of any help or advice you can offer,

Thank you in advance for your time over this,

Best regards

Mark sheldon



8 months ago

What's meaning of "vibration data" ?

You want to read the motor speed or direction ?

Or you want to detect motor vibration like as mobile phone when ringing & vibrate?

the concept is to replicate a HUMS ( Health Usage Monitoring System) from a Wildcat Helicopter. It monitors vibration of gearboxes and drive shafts for wear and the vibration frequency will tell the operator this. Instead of this data being transferred via a PCMCIA Card it would be done via Bluetooth to a ground station (PC)

You do realise that BT is very limited in range?

it is based on transferring HUMS Data once the helicopter has landed and moved into the aircraft hangar to commence maintenance so the 10 metres of a band 2 would be more than sufficient

thanks for your comments.