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Arduino controlled tardis light beacon with sound Answered

Ok so I'm exceedingly new to using an arduino micro controller. I actually purchased it specifically for this project, after seeing someones prototype on youtube. I figured, eh how hard could it be? Very... I just can not figure it out. Anyway I'm looking for help with both the circuit and code and I'm willing to find and/or buy just about whatever to get it working. It needs to play the vworp of the engine and make the beacon fade in and out by push button preferably. I have 6 white and 2 blue ultra bright LED's already. A 555 timer, 4700 microfarrad cap, I know I'll need resistors. I also have an old iPod nano 2nd gen I'm willing to sacrifice to the cause if needed, or I'll buy whatever works best. I'm desperate. I have 3 weeks until this light needs to be done, and so far it's a bust. 



5 years ago

Tardis = blue english phone booth looking time machine from Dr Who I believe
Can you post a link to the youtube video you saw?
(I looked and found this cool one, but not what you were talking about
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUBxHd3bMhg )

Do you already have the Tardis or are you planning to build that too?
Will there be room for the Arduino inside or are you planning on putting it on some kind of base or projectbox?
To play the sound, the easiest solution might be to buy an mp3 shield and store sounds on SD card

Connect the LEDs to an LED driver and let the arduino control the fade in and out.

Get a wave shield for the arduino to play back the audio file for you.

Now use the examples provided for fading LEDs and playing a single audio file and mash them together so a single button press will activate the lights and the audio at the same time. Get the timing of the fade to match the audio track and your all set.