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Arduino help? Answered

wod any of you guys know how use Arduino with wii. ideas? Innnstructables?



8 years ago

Have a look here-<br /> http://todbot.com/blog/2007/11/24/bionic-arduino-class-notes-3-4/<br /> <br /> The complete class is here-<br /> http://todbot.com/blog/bionicarduino/<br /> <br /> There's also a few neat projects here-<br /> http://www.windmeadow.com/taxonomy/term/7<br /> <br /> I wrote code a couple of years ago that allows you to access all the Wii nunchuck accelerometer inputs as well as the two buttons and I'm incorporating that into an animatronics project that I should have a full instructable on in a couple of months. The nunchuck controller is pretty easy to integrate with an Arduino but I haven't personally done anything with a Wiimote yet.<br /> <br /> Hope this helps!<br /> <br /> <br />

I am not sure about the Instructables on the topic, however there are different ways of interfacing Wiimotes (and eventually the WIi console, but haven't heard about anyone doing it yet). The Wiimotes are, in essence, a Bluetooth device with an intelligent IR camera, accelerometers, buttons, LEDs and ... an I2C port. The I2C port is the one that communicates to other devices hanging from the Wiimote like the nunchuck. In this way, you could make your Arduino board into an I2C slave device that would be sending data to the Wiimote, or make Arduino into the I2C master to get data from the nunchuck (this is broadly documented on the Internet, just google Arduino + wiimote + nunchuck). Also, there is a really funky thing that was published on Elector Magazine a couple of months ago. It is a hack where you could dismount the IR camera from the Wiimote and adding a 25MHz crystal (I am writing this by heart, so I could be mistaken about the crystal's value), it would become a standalone device that you could easily hook up to Arduino or any other microcontroller platform and read information about the IR-blobs the camera detects. I hope this gave you an insight about what you could do with Wii and Arduino. Personally I would love to see someone making their own Wii controllers, hacking the games functionality by modifying the way you use e.g. the nunchuck in them by adding some other sensors interfaced to Arduino and sending the data back to the game. /d