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Arduino magnetic card reader with tape head Answered

How can i make a arduino magnetic card reader with only a bare tape head without external circuitry 


You could probably use one of those cheap, simple audio amplifier units from ebay (about $2.50 each) to amplify the output from the magnetic head. For Arduino analog input you'll need a swing from 0 volts to 5 volts, but 0 to 1 volt might do it. But there's magnetic card readers on ebay too as built units, all you need to do is connect into an Arduino through an analog interface.

The reader head alone will not output a strong enough signal for an arduino or any other micro controller can read. You will have to use/make some sort of signal amp.

Do you have a working sketch for it?
A tape head needs an input voltage as a references or the really good ones just read the "signals" from the tape but still need a suitable amplifier so anything digital can make use of it.
So without some added extras for this it is simply not possible - but feel free to correct me.