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Arduino programming group / club Staffordshire UK? Answered

There are many places on the net where I can ask a question and get answers, however it helps if you know what questions to ask and the consequences of doing one thing in a sketch that will stop another part. This normally means a lot of questions!
I have been looking around for groups or clubs local to where I live, the closest (thanks to a quick Google search) seem to be Manchester, London and Western Virginia, Not quite sure why that one popped up but that's the beauty of the internet!

So, the question is does anyone know of a get together, group, club (not swingers though!) local to Stafford, Cannock or Rugeley that wouldn't mind a middle age newbie popping along every now and again? Hopefully I can stop asking so many questions then :-)


heyy frenz

is anybody give me a proggramm fo two arduinos mega

in the frst arduino mega i want to attach 10 servos and one radio reciever.

and in another arduino mega i wanna attach 10 potentiometers and one radio transmiter to control all the 10 servos individuallyand wirelessly..

PLEASE HELP ME guysmy3contct dtls are;- yashchauhan112233@gmail.com



Try "www.hackspace.org.uk", they're listing places in Stoke where you could get a helping hand.

Thanks for that, the only ones I found on the Arduino.cc refer to a site that did a review on one.
I will have a browse and see what it throws my way

Are the Arduino forums not helpful enough?

One example is something I am working on just now. I need it to do something but as I don't know what the function is called I can't look it up.
By the time I have explained it in ways that the more advanced users would understand they would have given up and gone for lunch.

Don't get me wrong, the help and advice I have had from you guys has been amazing. But what if you wanted to collaborate on one big mother of a project?
It's just easier when you can meet up and work on something together.

The hackspaces are the places where arduino users hang out. They should be your first port of call.