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Arduino script not working? Answered

the script isn't compiling.
it says:
expected initializer before 'void'
how can i fix this
also, i want to be able to set the buttons on the transmitter e.g, click a button on the arduino, on the remote click forward reverse left and right
the car i want to use is a tyco rc mutator, i have realays that i'm going to use for the motors\

void setup()  
  irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver
  pinMode(BUTTON_PIN, INPUT);        <---   delete these when testing
  pinMode(STATUS_PIN, OUTPUT);     <---

// Storage for the recorded code
int codeType = -1; // The type of cod........


where are results defined ? You use "results" as a type but I don't see it defined.


Where did you get the code? You wouldn't have used an undeclared type making it yourself...

i sort of made it myself, i got one code off here from an arduino controlled rc car, and used a bit from the ir remote record code from the ir library