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Arduino+pir sensor+sender to receiver+LED? Answered

I want to make something that alarms me when there is movement outside my door, with an arduino uno and pir sensor, and in my room I have another arduino uno with an LED that blinks when there is movement on the arduino outside. And i want the whole thing wireless.
How can I do that? and what is the arduino code for it? thanks.


Either that, or look around here especially in the "Related" column.

The wireless aspect will be the pricy part. I would use LAN with an ethernet shield. Knockoffs are readily available for 10 bucks a pop. Not wireless, but close. If you are really intent on going wireless look up the wifly shield.

thanks iceng, but for that project i have to buy a lot of parts i don't have and i want to do it with an arduino.

Your Arduino can run the oscillator and interrupt on the NE555 output using software to decide if it a dog or adult. Additionally changing the Fq you can learn to figure the mass of what is outside your door.


Google Arduino PIR alarm