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Are K'NEX Hinges and Ball'n'Socket joints the same length? Answered

Well, that's my question. I would like to know because I see people make mag's with he hinges on the out side and the ball'n'socket joints on the inside of the sides of the mag, and It is useful info anyhow. Look a the pic...if they are the same length, how did Senior Waffleman make that mag?


if you look closely you can see he used a y connector on the hinge not a female ball joint. that's why there is an angle.

Ball joints and hinges are equally long. The biggest difference is the max.corner on which they can bend. Ball joints can bend around 135 degrees, while hinges can bend up to 315 degrees.
I included some photos to make it more clear. You can let ball joints bend further, but then you need to twist the female joint. It can bend further, but this is not smooth inside a gun. If you use them for a trigger guard (or any other outer part), you can substitute hinges with them. But for internal parts, like the trigger, I recommend hinges.

ball (1).JPGball (2).JPG