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Are Stickle Bricks androgynous? Answered

Meccano has good old-fashioned engineering male/female anatomy in it's nuts and bolts.
Lego has male/female anatomy, where standard bricks have both.
K'NEX tends to have single-gender parts with multiple connectivity.

But are Stickle Bricks androgynous?




Best Answer 7 years ago

Yes and no. Stickie bricks are androgynous in that the grids are identical on all bricks, and so any brick side can connect with any other brick side.

However, some of the bricks have an even number of tines, while others have odd numbers of tines. If you connect even to even, or odd to odd, then the adjacent bricks will be slightly misaligned, revealing the broken symmetry. If you connect even-tine to odd-tine, then your construction will have a single common center line.

Every block has an odd side and an even side.

Hermaphrodite building blocks?

Wow, I'm learning things about Stickle Bricks, (thanks I suppose).



7 years ago

I never heard of anyone naming their kids Stickle, boy or girl. So I don't believe the name has a gender.
That would be an interesting name though, especially if the last name was Rock,
Stickle Brick Rock. However, if I did have the last name of Rock I would still go with my first choice which would be Lava. Sedimentary would have to much of a stigma to it. Maybe Sandy would be OK.

And that is all I can say without embarrassing myself.


How long is it since you slept last??

Is that all? Dang, but that's a weird question to come up with only mildly sleep-deprive.

. I wouldn't call it androgynous but I have no idea what it would be called. It takes 4 M's to make an F (or an M is 1/4 of an F, depending on how you look at it).