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Are There More Suggestions On Secret Stash And Safes...? More To The Spy Side...!? Answered

I Wanna Kinda More On Safes And Stashes. Also I Wanna Know Where Are The Good Places To Hide The Stuffs In A Home. I Also Want Tutorials On Home-Made Spy Stuffs. Hope That I Get Good Response. Thank You...!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Books, hollowed out furniture, puzzle boxes, the freezer (in a sealed bag in a food item), floorboards, decorative moulding...
safe behind a picture frame
toilet paper holder tube thing

tonnes of ideas out there.

Check out Secret Stash Safe, they have some really cool and unique secret stash diversion safes. You can visit their website here http://www.secretstashsafe.com - good luck!

yup well i saw that i even bookmarked the page its nice...Great Idea

The best hiding place is one that NOBODY else has thought of. If it's published, folks are aware of it. Invent your own, as unlikely-seeming as possible.

"Spy stuffs" -- That covers a huge range, from practical to fantasy to useless. Without a more specific question, I think all we can tell you is "search Instructables, search the web, have fun."

hmm... if someone knows a hideout then its not a hideout anymore

You should hold all of your money out in the air so that people think its fake or that you are crazy and will attack them at any moment.