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Are all the Instructables posted by pros now? Answered

Or is it just my imagination.  If you look at the "home" page and subsequent pages almost ALL of the posted instructables are by pros now.  Am I one of the few non-pros left or is the some bonus and pros go to the head of the line now?  Just asking?



Best Answer 8 years ago

As a thank you to our authors, if your project gets featured to the main page, you are awarded a complimentary 3-month pro membership. This has been effective for a few weeks. As an unplanned side-effect, it now seems like only pro authors are publishing featured projects. Rest assured, there is no great conspiracy at play and we are simply trying to reward posting great projects.


Answer 8 years ago

THanks for the answer. I was unaware of the 3 month 'trial". But that does explain why it looks so overwhelmingly Pro.


8 years ago

Feeling rewarded also encourages you to do whatever-it-is again (think rats & levers). If done the wrong way, people will feel manipulated, but Instructables did it right. When I got around to the message that said I won a 3 month Pro membership, I had basically forgotten about the site for a while, since there are a go-zillion other things... But being gifted with something is kind of like, "Oooh! I got a sticker!", which made me want to do another one. I'm sure there are a good number of people now (or within the next while) suddenly motivated to be more active, which means they'll make more, post more, and generally be more visible. Well done.