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Are catalytic converters poisonous? Answered

I've been looking around and it seems like most catalytic converters have palladium in them. I think palladium is mostly inert but palladium salts are highly toxic. I would like to open up a catalytic converter and use the substrate to make a thermoacoustic engine stack.

So do you know if it would be poisonous to me to open a catalytic converter?



Palladium ? I thought they used platinum ?

Most use platinum, but some use palladium, rhodium, also cerium, iron, manganese, nickel and copper. Some use combinations of two or more metals.

Nickel is illegal in European converters because it reacts with carbon dioxide, and copper is illegal in the US because it produces dioxins.

I already knew about palladium, but not the rest - got to love that Wikipedia.

+1 I think your right. Thats why there is so many people stealing them off peoples cars and trucks. They sell them for the platinum inside to recycle centers. With the cost of platnium per ounce its too much of a temptation for thieves with a portable sawsall.

I think I read that newer ones in north america use palladium though.