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Are machine guns allowed in knex war? Answered

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Best Answer 8 years ago

It all depends on the hosts as said before. Most sane hosts would allow them for outdoor wars. It may depend on indoor wars.
Short pinned automatics like the old designs we got a lot of aren't that good with range which ruins the point of them. The oodagat is decent but I didn't hear much about it. It obviously wasn't overpowered or anything as it hasn't replaced the BR/TR series as the most popular war weapons.
The only other form of automatic I can think of hasn't even been made in a practical way yet. A controllable automatic RBG that flung K'nex pieces might be pretty good if it had removable magazines and some sort of quick loading device for the rubber bands. I actually had an idea for such a weapon and figured it would make for a really good war weapon. It's still a concept though so I don't see it being banned by anyone anytime soon.

But it's not difficult to make a machine gun with at least 60 feet range, do you think it would do well if a post a large range machine gun?

The only reason the oodagat hasn't replaced the BR/TR series yet is because the motor is very rare, and you have to pull back 8 pins to reload, as opposed to shoving ammo in the barrel.  It gets same power as a TR.

It would depend on the host.  Most hosts would allow machine guns but I would think of some reasons on why not.

Too much lost ammo, too fast ROF.  I'd allow it personally.


8 years ago

yes, because you could be up against snipers or a heavy cannon, so you can suppress them (pin them down)