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Are monster energy drinks bad for you? Answered




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Like anything else, it's the dose and not the substance.  In moderation it's unlikely to be a problem, it's when the stuff is consumed in large quantity that there's a problem.

BTW most if not all "energy drinks" get their "energy" from caffeine.  Before spending a bundle on energy drinks, you might look in the pharmacy for "NoDoz" or "Vivarin"---caffeine tablets.  Or get the generic variety nearby.  One dollar for a dozen tablets, heckuva lot cheaper than a single energy drink.  If you find that it does the same for you as energy drinks...  But remember:  in MODERATION.

yes. if you have about 2 in 1 day you could die.

That's not right if you drink 2 monsters you die.

thats not right either if yuo drink them non astop 24/7 then you die i should no my cousin died from them

some of my friends had 8 in one day

i have had 8 in a day didnt feel good skin went bleach white

thats bs (bad sources)
two energy drinks cant kill you, the way people die from drinking energy drinks is by drinking extremely large amounts in a short time.

Okay im not going to lie im 10 years old theres a petro next to my house and school so me and my friends go in the morning sometimes i ussally get candy or a pop but i saw monster and i have been wondering a long time what it was my friend told me its not that good for me but i took one anyway i opend the can and drake it i loved it i let my friend try it from far distance and he liked it to so we just shared and drank the whole thing on are way to school my friend told me i shouldnt exercise or run to much or i could possibley die or get a heart attack then when i got to school and my other friends saw the can they told me that it was bad and i could possibley die then i went to school scared because i thought i might die now seriously i started to cry because people told me the most chances is that i will die but then they got mistaked and told me not to be scared after that i was okay but i kept wondering cause i got to admit my heart was beating pretty fast but now its slowed so tell me should i have it sometimes should i not have it at all or what please reply thank you.

technically yes they are bad for you. but moderation is key as in anything you eat or drink. so so having 1 day might be bad but itll take alot longer for problems to occur then drinking 3 in a day

No, its better than water. The "limit" on the back is really a daily minimum intake.



 I think they are bad for you.

No more so than eating a cup or so of Karo syrup with a splash of battery acid to cut the sweetness ; )


8 years ago

It has been said that we are ruining ourselves to the useful affects of ginseng.
I'd rather use ginseng  than Viagra when I get older......IF,   I even need that sort of thing........lol

 well monsters are basically flavored corn syrup so you are basically drinking pure corn syrup well the worst case scenario (if you arent diabetic) is that you would get a stomach ache (like when you eat to much candy) now if you do have some metabolism prob or if you are diabetic then i suggest dont drink them at all