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Are my Gummy bricks going to show up in Halloween? Answered

I know they aren't gross so they might not win anything. You did ask for gross food. But I wanted to see if they would happen to squeak in there anywhere. The prizes in this contest are excellent. I entered it before the deadline. Thanks SFHandyman


Wow, these are so awesome. My brother would love these. I just might have to try this :-]

Cool. I'm making some big batches right now to send to my nephew in Texas. He is lego crazy.

Can I buy a mold from you? I cannot find the food safe silicone from the links you had in your 'ible. My son and the Boy Scouts would like this. Or maybe you could donate a mold? Chuck

It isn't legal to make them except for personal use. Lego owns the name that shows up on the bricks. You need to email or call Douglass and Sturgess. It isn't on the site but they do have it for sale. They sell a lot of stuff that they don't have on the website. They are really great people. Give them a call.

hi, your best bet would be to send a PM to one of the ibles HQ workers, there is a list in the About Section Ed Lewis (aka fungus amungus) deals with most of the competitions. Posting a forum topic, isn't the best way to go for personal queries.

btw, i think the lego gummies should be in the contest, as they are trick or treat related

Also i did see your legummies on gizmodo!

Yeah I found that. 16,000 views!! Many times in the comments folks are saying that they don't have holes in the bottom so you can't build with them.

"Before anyone gets too excited, you can't build anything with these.
There are no holes in the bottom to connect the bricks. Sad. "

There ARE holes in the bottom and you CAN build with them but I can't even reply because you have to be invited to comment!

Does anyone have a spare invitation for me?

well, i am a member of gizmodo, but i see you already got in and corrected them!

Thanks. Nothing there right now but I'm going to request it.

It's been entered. Thanks for the lead gmjhowe.