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Are printing press letters suitable for embossing? Answered

I'd like to emboss the cover of my Moleskine notebook with some printing press letters I bought recently. Would they be suitable for the task, and if so, what method should I use for embossing the notebook?


usually printing press type is made from lead so take care how hot you get it.

Otherwise buy a set of letter stamps they should only cost you a couple of pounds.

I won't heat them up, because apparently the covers aren't actual leather, and it might cause some problems. Here in New Zealand, I should be able to find stamps, but it'll have to be embossing because the cover is black.

Are they metal? If so set them in place and tap them with a mallet.

Don't they work well on some materials (eg leather) if they are heated as well?

Don't know what effect heating them might have short of branding the leather/moleskin. But then you wouldn't really notice the branding on a black moleskin notebook.

Something else to consider, the kind of type face on the letters will determine how well they will work. Of course broader fonts won't emboss as well as thinner fonts and may require more force to get the desired result. But hit it hard enough and you will leave a dent in the cardboard backing of the cover.

Ha, you guessed the colour. The typeface of these particular letters is very small. I don't know the exact size but about the height of a newspaper article.