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Are real prizes given away in Instructables competitions? Answered

Hi there, I was wondering, this sounds like a daft question but are the competitions on Instructables real? Has anyone on these forums ever received a physical prize from Instructables, and if you won, how long did your prize take to arrive at your house?

Just curious. I have done contests in the past on other 'how to' websites and never won anything. The contests seem so popular on Instructables that I want to know if it's worth my while to enter.

Thanks! :-)


Definitely. The bigger prizes can take close to the full 12 weeks to show up sometimes and smaller prizes tend to turn around quickly. I've won several very nice prizes here.

ive won a camera, many tshirts, star wars themed gifts, a tablet and some others that are on their way. so yes the competition prizes are 100% real. its great fun so enter a competition if there is one you like.

Good luck.

leatherman, t shirts, laser cut hammer (which i cut my hand on unpacking lol), couple free subscriptions...

Oh, yes!

I have won a number of t-shirts as a runner-up, in my pocket right now is my Instructables Leatherman, and all the glue and duct tape currently in my shed was a prize for a Gorilla Glue contest.

Have a look at the contest list - all those past prizes were real, the winners were identified, and most of them are still active on the site so you can contact them to check.

Yeah, they are, I've won a few things now... 

Yes and yes!

I've won several things - depending on whether it comes from a sponsor or directly from Instructables, it can take a few weeks.