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Are the Instructables being approved before being published? Answered

I published a new instructable. It shows up as 'Published" , posted on 21st June, but never shows up as an Instructable to others or even to me, if I look for it in the Explore --> Recent tab. Are the instructables now being approved before being made public?


Actually, I am curious about this also. I thought I read about an approval process somewhere, but I can't find the link now (actually came across this post searching for it). This post https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-great-Instructable/ doesn't mention one way or the other.

So, it sounds like each posted Instructable goes through a computerized filter, and if it is flagged by the filter, a staff member looks at it and either approves or sends it back to the author?

Your last paragraph is correct. Most instructables appear within half an hour or so of the user's publication. If it contains any of a long list of "magic words" or contextual problems (no images, for example), it will get held up by the filter until a Staff member reviews it manually. As you can imagine, someone who publishes at 9 am (California time) on a Monday might not notice the delay, but someone who publishes at 7:30 pm on Friday is going to be whining until Monday.

|I think they are, but I'm sure it's only to make sure the content is acceptable to most peoples standards....

Like the "dick on a stick" one, you mean? :-D

only if you didn't have good warning, like this is going to hurt, you might get a staff, oops staph infection, results may be permanent, and please pee before proceeding past this point you know the whole I told you so....

I believe that certain keywords can trigger a filter that holds them until a human can review them.

Don't fret about it, I have had loads of instructables held in the filters, they'll appear soon enough, if it's been a few days PM a member of staff about it to see if there's a problem....

Oh took a look there, you need to add more images and fully document your project, I have accidentally published without images before and found that they always get caught in the filters, to try and safeguard against bad documenting etc. It's a good project but a bit more documenting, a few photos and stuff would make it a great 'ible...

Having no idea what that is, even from reading the instructable (electronic savvy I am not) I'd guess it's the lack of images.

The phrase "pierced heart" might trigger a filter.

cedtlab, I'm sure it'll appear eventually....