Are the JY MCU and the HC 05 bluetooth module the same? Answered


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if not, how are they different? do they works with all android phones? what librabries or software do i use for controlling these with arduino???



The JY-MCU is a carrier that breaks out some pins from the HC-05 (or HC06, 07, 09, 10, 11) BT module and translates the voltages so you can use 5V. There are many different BT modules using different chipsets, the JY-MCU can be used with any number of different modules.

HC-05 is the type of BT module that sits on the JY-MCU carrier.

HC-05 can be master/slave, it is probably the most versatile of the BT2.0+EDR modules.

HC-10 is BT4.0, it is like the BT4.0 version of the HC-05. It uses the CC2541 Bluetooth Chip, the HC-05 uses the CSR BC417143 chip.

They are vary similar. Bluetooth is Bluetooth and will work with any other Blutooth device. Check the Arduino Forums for the best libraries to use with each module.

so different modules may need different libraries and different code?

Probably not but the people over at the Arduino Forums would know better.