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Are their any knex double barrel break action shotgun instructables? Answered

I wanto build one.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I might be posting THIS soon. 
If you like that :)

yes, I just saw it! if you post it I'll mark as best answer!

make a single barrel shotgun, then modify it so there are two barrels:)

well i meant make a single barrel break action shotgun, not a single barrel clip fed gun.

well i just made my own, using this comment. well thanks for helping me make one!

no prob. hey do you make knex guns? (KNEXsuspensio....)

no, sorry, in fact, i created a group, it is called "the knex anti-gun group". it is not that i dont like guns, well it explaines my reasoning in the group.

whoops under this comment I meant to right you get a subber!

The "related" box down and to the the right says that there are 2 slideshows......


oh, I was looking for instructions. it doesnt have to be double barrel though.

dont think so