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Are there Dremel attachment(s) meant for removing or shaping solid aluminum? Answered

First, I'll explain the background for my question.  I've been meaning to make a 1000 lumen Maglite (Jayrob from CandlePowerForums conceived the design-look it up, it's awesome).  I can get the heatsink from CPF vendors but they come with a 14.5mm diameter pedestal.  I want to reduce the diameter of the pedestal, ideally to less than 12.5mm in order to use a reflector with a smaller hole.

So, which Dremel rotary tool attachment(s) would be appropriate for removing and/or 'shaping' aluminum?  Any ideas, other suggestions, or musings? 




Best Answer 6 years ago

Use the steel cutting bits, they come in various configurations. Keep the bit and the piece being worked well lubricated with a light machine to help prevent the bit from clogging with the aluminum shavings. Check the bit frequently and clean out any particles stuck in the bit with a pin or small awl.
Take your time and don't get too aggressive when shaping the aluminum.


Answer 6 years ago

That should read "light machine oil".

soft Al smears the metal bit or file.

I recall adding chalk to files to prevent the chaff from sticking too badly...similar couldn't hurt on the cutting tool.

We find the best lubricant for aluminium cutting is a solution of clean engine oil and "white spirit"- which is a paint thinner.


Thanks to all for the helpful info. It will be a few weeks before the driver and emitter come in from Australia so I'll take my time and do this the right way.