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Are there Garden Snails in Northeast Ohio? Answered

So I really want a pet snail and all the sites say a Garden Snail is the best kind but I don't know if we have those here in Northeast Ohio. If there is anyway I can either order them online or something let me know. Or hey you could just inform me that there ARE Garden Snails in Northeast Ohio and I just don't know. Please answer soon! Thanks P.S.- Are Garden Snails LEGAL in Ohio cause I see all those things about snails and not being allowed here or there and I am mildly confused. HELP!!! Thanks again. oh yeah almost forgot I don't want a sea snail or anything like that I'm looking for a Land snail. Just saying. Sorry now I'm done.



8 years ago

i live in saint paris, ohio and i found two really cool looking land snails in my side yard this morning. i was picking up some newspaper that blew into my yard during las tnights storm and there they were... they are both brown and yellow in a striped pattern but one has much larger stripes. i kept them for my grandson. i am looking for what we should feed them. good luck

I believe snails live every where, unless it is too hot or too cold outside. Why do you want a pet snail where I live they're just anoying, they eat your gardens.

The most common garden snail (the brown garden snail) Is not native to Northeast Ohio. If you want one than you could probably order one online. Or pick a different type of snail or pet.