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Are there any AT&T phones with a full keyboard, but no camera? Answered

I preferably would like to have a full flip or sliding phone.  My parents will not let me get a phone with a camera on it, which is kind of hard to find these days.



The deal a coworker of mine has with her daughter is that her phone automatically numbers every message she sends or receives, and that mom can look through the sent and received messages. As long as mom doesn't see any gaps in the numbering, no problems. No idea if this would work in your case.

Another option would be for your folks to look at the billing and see the phone numbers that you messaged with. If they can look on your phone and match up everything on the billing with a message with an identical date/time and number on your phone, then you're set. You'd have to not delete any messages until they'd had a chance to look over them, though.

How about you buy the phone you want and let your parents paint over the lens with black nail-varnish?



8 years ago

Sorry, but all AT&T phones with a full keyboard have cameras. I haven't actually seen a new phone come out in the past year without a camera at all! You could buy one with a camera and paint back over it or buy a skin for the back of it that covers up the camera! Hope I could help!

Yeah that is what i thought. Its my parents with the whole "innapropriate picture sending thing," which I would NEVER Do.