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Are there any alternatives to piezoelectric transducers? Answered

I saw a post about an energy-generating device on shoes which generates electricity when walking. Piezoelectric transducers were used to generate energy but not enough to charge the battery full or even half full. Are there alternatives to Piezoelectric transducers that generates more energy than piezo? Thanks.



4 years ago

Use your own breathing to power a simple turbine and a highly efficient NIB electric generator.

Now what do you want to do with all that power ???

You could use a small hydraulic system - stepping down compresses a fluid-filled bladder, which pushes liquid through a generating system. When the foot is lifted, the bladder refills, and valves keep it running the right direction.

You can generate electricity by moving a magnet close to a coil of wire. OR moving the coil close to a magnet - How to arrange this is up to you.

If you want to generate electricity from walking - Think Hydraulics, How wave generators work.

But NOTHING is going to be small, light and comfortable if your thinking you might generate any reasonable amount. Better buy a hand crank generator and use that.