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Are there any art projects where the principle medium is styrofoam? Either in sheet or block form? Answered

I have a foam cutting tool that I want to start using and I'm looking for any instructables that use styrofoam as a principle medium. I've been using them to make simple stuff like signs and tombstones but I'm looking to expand and need inspiration.


Yes indeed there sure are! You can use styrpofoam as an armature as well which gives you some really amazing possibilities. Check out member propart he has some very large pieces that  he created with foam.  I have seen some great paperclay art projects created using styrofoam as the armature, I see no reasons why you couldn't use an oven bake clay, paper mache, glue mache or other media as well to cover it. 

There is a fairly good search engine attached to the site - Or look for Styrofoam modelling in google.