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Are there any good knex pistols with removable mags? Answered

I was just wondering because I'm designing (what I hope to be) a pisol with a removable mag and I wanted to make sure my idea wasn't copying theirs. If there is please post a link. Thanks.


ok ty, they arnt like my idea at all. I kept searchin the site but i couldnt find any. plus i wont be able to build it until next tuesday :P

I made one with a slide and removable mag and holds 11 shots check it out

It's a combination of the 2 guns that killer has links to, thanks I hade no idea who they were till now

moxx's is cool

the skorpion

What kind of mag is it? does it require Y connectors to clip to the gun? Anyways, Killersafecracker forgot my Jackal v2.