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Are there any legal suggestions for getting people to slow down on our street? Answered

I'm talking guerrilla warfare. We don't have sidewalks and narrow country roads so walking with a stroller or a dog means you risk life and limb to leave the house--no one drives the 25 MPH speed limit (except me). The town police and the town traffic commission are useless and totally closed minded to any traffic calming suggestions, especially those that cost money. I just want them all to slow down. Any suggestions??


Check out www.RaserAbwehr.de, the software allows to measure vehicle speed with a webcam. It is pretty accurate +/- 3%, if your webcam has 30 frames per second. With the recorded data and radar photos, you can go to your local traffic enforment / police to either enforce more speed controls or directly sue the speeders.

 make some speed limit signs if you dont already have them umm we live in the country of texas so I know how you feel with the speeders and all of the law enforcement laziness but hhhhhhhmmmmm there really nothing you can do besides maybe install a couple of speed bumps or you could put a couple of hundreds of nails out on the road in such a way that you are the only person that knows the correct path through the nails and then hopefully the speeders will get the picture. we did that and it worked

We had trouble along our narrow street with speeders. I and the neighbors began collecting licsence plate numbers and calling them in to the police daily. We requested and got the city to put up a sign "children playing" AND to lower the limit to 15 mph. They finally cracked down when I got hit, pulling my daughter to safety (only a bruised hand for me, hit and run for the worst offender of the regular speeders on the street). Best idea? Make a pest of yourself(the entire neighborhood) to the authorities - ask for help, report violators, ask for a speed trap. Eventually something will be done.

Just brainstorming, but a few ideas - Everyone on the street should invest in: 1. Dark sunglasses. 2. White collapsible cane with red reflective tape near the bottom. Take shifts throughout the day, and walk across the street at set distances. Maybe have another volunteer guide you by the elbow to sell the effect. Remember to commit - stare directly ahead, do not move your head to look elsewhere (unless you're either going for the "Stevie Wonder" effect where your head sort of wobbles side-to-side, or if you hear a horn or noise in which case you should only move your head slightly, looking nowhere near the origin of the sound). Have everyone in the neighborhood buy oversize balls, then have a cookout in the front yard. When a driver approaches, let the kids toss the harmless ball in the middle of the street. If a car hits it, there will be no damage, and if they stop you can run out and yell at them, saying "This could have been my child!" Kiteman's hairdryer idea sounds great too, along with the invisible rope. Use local media too - create spectacles by staging cross-a-thons on your street, utilizing the event as a fundraiser for charity (similar to March of Dimes or breast cancer awareness walks, only get sponsors to pay for each round trip across the street). Better yet, use the proceeds to help collision victims of drunk drivers or speeders.

If you and your neighbors all coordinate calling in complaints to the police, they will pay good attention to it. You'll probably have to get a lot of your neighbors to play along, though. Get in the shoes of the local law enforcement: what could you hear on the radio that would influence you to patrol that street more?

Maybe have neighbors coordinate to put up lawn signs with "Burma Shave"-type poems, maybe something like:

Sign on Lawn 1: "When you drive along our street"
Sign on Lawn 2: "Let the lead fall from your feet"
Sign on Lawn 3: "Slow down some as you pass by"
Sign on Lawn 4: "So you won't crash and we won't die"
Sign on Lawn 5: (in different font) "NameOfStreet Neighborhood Watch," or something that sounds similarly legal-but-ominous

The lettering should be just big enough to be easy to read at 23 mph. Change the poem signs every week or two so drivers won't just get used to the poem and speed up again (varying the interval so that they don't get used to that either). Poems don't have to be cautionary, or even to be original as long as they're in the public domain:

Sign on Lawn 1: "Mary had a little lamb"
Sign on Lawn 2: "His fleece was black as soot"
Sign on Lawn 3: "And everywhere that Mary went"
Sign on Lawn 4: "His sooty foot he put"
Sign on Lawn 5: (in different font) "NameOfStreet Neighborhood Watch."
(I'm pretty sure that one's in the public domain, anyway :)

Alternatively, you could ask each neighbor to designate a path across their lawn a safe distance from the edge of the road (6-10 feet back, maybe). It's giving up part or your property for public use, and it's giving in to the drivers (and the city), but it may be the thing most likely to work.

(And hey, there is hope for the future - just as soon as a few people (it usually takes around two) get killed by drivers speeding down your street, the city will up and do something about it after all.)

  • You could try co-ordinating some "bad parking", to create a natural chicane.
  • Take turns to stand beside the road in a reflective jacket and point a hair-dryer at the traffic (it works!)
  • Wrap police tape around various stationary objects (telegraph poles, volunteer cars etc)
  • Wait in the dark, and use a flash-camera to take photos of suspect cars.
  • Stand a large sign at the side of the road Smile, your speed is being captured on video and handed to the police, and arrange a rota of people to stand beside the sign with a video camera. Send the occasional video to the local police.
  • Write an annoyed letter to all the local papers about how unfair it is for the police to lurk on {name your road}, just to catch the speeders.

Get your neighbors together if you can and take to walking slowly across your street, if necessary staring at the automobile with cell phone in hand snapping pictures when cars start to come down the street. Eventually, they'll begin to avoid that route because it's a nuisance to have to slow down for pedestrians, and it's unconsciously unnerving to have someone taking your picture..It's not like you can actually do much with a photo, but psychology dictates a different response. A 25MPH zone is supposed to be pedestrian friendly, so you and your neighbors need to patrol it yourselves, until drivers get the message..

As a citizen you do not have any legal authority whatsoever other than to refer the matter to the relevant authorities. If you were to interfere, even legally, you may be held liable, for example, reckless endangerment, and a host of other charges. I don't get 'legal' and 'guerilla warfare' in the same sentence. I think your intent is clear there, basically you want to force people to do what you want while being untouchable yourself. That won't happen. All you can do is report it, or appeal to the drivers better nature, or act illegally. fwiw some guy in a town near me put up 'Slow Down' posters on the street lamps and got down for illegal fly-posting. Another put "We have to live here" on a main route - a scrag wrote back, "Move, cos I pay my car taxes to drive here". Another made a plywood copy of a GATSO speed camera, that worked til it was taken down. I feel for you, but your hands are tied if you want to be truly legal.

Hi, My little brothers (5 and up) are out biking and playing on the street too. So were in the same boat. What seems to work for us, it to get some orange pylons and place them in such a way, making the street still passable, but narrow, forcing cars to slow down. Our street is not too busy, so this is possible, I'm not sure about yours but it's worked well for us. Sorry that this isn't a legal suggestion, but I do suggest you try this before getting involved legally.