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Are there any legit survey sites where I can redeem through paypal? Answered

I have trawled through Google search results for sites that offer incentives for completing surveys, but can't be assured of what sites are legit or not, so do you know of any working sites?


There aren't many legitimate companies offering cash for surveys online.  Those that do won't offer very much for your time and PayPal is doubtful because they usually have a third-party accounting firm handle their payouts.

Plain and simple, you're never going to find one that's worth your time. 

The legitimate companies tend to do individual surveys and use non-cash rewards to entice people to share.  They want people that are already interested in the products and services they're questioning about.  For example, Shoppers Drug Mart often posts a link to a survey on it's website or sends the link in it's e-newsletter.  The surveys are handled by an external survey-taking company and your reward for completing the survey is a number of points on your Optimum card.  Sometimes it's club points, sometimes it's a sweepstakes entry, sometimes it's coupons, sometimes it's a free sample product in the mail.  Cash is very rare and generally limited to in-person studies and focus groups where they pay you a bit better than minimum wage for your time.

Thank you for the response, looks lke I'll need to find people who have computer problems and fix them for money :D

GuardianFox has it exactly right. The best online survey site I've found is good for the occasional GameStop gift card, but real money is never an option. The biggest problem I run into with the surveys is that I almost never fit the demographic they're looking for, so I don't qualify to take the survey for the full credit amount. On the "thanks for responding, but please go away" consolation prize amount, it takes forever to build up credits.

To be straight: you're better off getting a real job. There are plenty enough sites that'll promise you rewards for clicks, but no one is going to give you an "internet goldmine" because they don't exist, unless you create and run one.


It's not a goldmine I'm after, just a small stream of income, which would be better than nothing :3


8 years ago

Truth is, I don't have a clue as to what you are asking for. Perhaps you can rephrase the question and clarify it a bit?

Sure, no problem, I meant sites where you answer surveys etc. with an incentive.