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Are there any more instructables on how to make cologne if not can someone make more? Answered

I really need a good instructable on how to make cologne because I'm tired of having to buy super expensive colognes.


The different "Perfume" instructables all work the same... just swap out any flowery scents for "masculine" scents like musk, citrus, (West Indian) Bay, cloves, other spices, etc. 

You don't really need a recipe, just a basic understanding of what you're doing.  Usually you use an alcohol as a base, preferably something with little or no scent of it's own (many use ordinary vodka).  From there it's just mixing and matching a drop or two of this and a drop or two of that until you're happy with the results.  For men, most scents will start with at least a little musk, but even that is not a must!

One classic is bay rum.  There are several brands of it and thousands of impersonators, but you can make it at home.  See the wikipedia entry for it ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bay_rum ) for the recipe.  Just one note; it's difficult to get West Indian Bay in North America.

That said, an average bottle of cologne should last you at least a year (or more if you do not wear it daily).  If it's not lasting, you're either in possession of a very small bottle or you're wearing too much.  Yes, it can be expensive, but imagine you're paying for it over the course of a year and it doesn't seem so bad.  Even a $400 bottle doesn't seem bad when you realize that a cup of coffee a day might cost you over $600 at Tim Hortons (I'm Canadian).

Or better yet, just stop wearing it!  Why? 

-Think of all the people out there who are sensitive to scents.  This is actually an increasingly common problem, so think about this before you apply.
-Your shampoo, shaving cream, and soaps are likely already heavily scented and you shouldn't need any additional aroma. 
-Many people believe that a man's natural scent is attractive to women, and while studies are inconclusive on the subject, it's clear that there are many women who prefer it.  Why cover it up?

That last is roughly my own suggestion. Ask women whom you would like to attract whether they find scent on a man attractive. If so, ask them what kinds of scent. If not (which I suspect will be true in most cases), stick with soap and water, applied as necessary.