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Are there any programs I could use to stop my brother using more than his fair share our bandwidth limit? Answered

Basically, we get 60GB of off-peak data per month, I need a program to put on his computer (router isn't good enough to put a program on it) that will send an email or some other form of warning to me or my father when he uses more than 20GB All help much appreciated, please and thanks, Julian


www.download.com have a gazillion programs - some are free - look under network or internet and search for something like bandwidth restriction or bandwidth meter or similar. As you browse through you will see other keywords that are relevant - type them in too if you think it's nearer to what you want. Sadly I don't know the names of programs.

Perhaps the real answer is that your bro should learn respect and fair play/give and take. Simply, you shouldn't have to take such measures. If he cannot share then he cannot have - at least that's how I would sanction it.

Yeah you'd think that, but my dad won't do anything if he doesn't have proof, 'cause then my brother starts blaming everyone else, and that just leads to fights. :( I downloaded Bandwidth Monitor (Must've taken them ages to think of that name) and now I've got it running on his computer practically invisible and programmed to leave a neat little .txt file on our network drive if he uses more than 3GB over 5 days.

works on a LOT of routers: DD-wrt

it has qos = quality of service controls. You can throttle bandwidth to that terminal or limit total thruput.

There are as kevinhannan says LOTS of programs that can be installed to throttle the bandwidth, or monitor it at the workstation level.