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Are there any stores that still carry regular k'nex? Answered

In Canada. When I say regular, I mean no micros or bricks. Those piss me off because they're so tiny. ;[


go into knexusergroup.com (i think) and order all your pieces real free...

Okay, I'm kind of a good cop/bad cop guy here right now, so I apologize if I seem mean, but here's some advice:

First, dare I ask: if K'Nex started out selling micro pieces and bricks, then switched to the larger pieces, would you complain because they're too big (or something like that)?  You're making it sound like the newer pieces are some kind of voodoo curse or something.

Secondly, the fact that they're so "tiny" makes it sound like you don't take the time to organize your K'Nex the most effective ways.

Third: eBay and Craigslist sell plenty of pieces.  Just look there if nothing else.

Putting my negative nature aside:

At least in the USA (don't know if it's also true in Canada), you can find a Loopin' Lightning for $40 in Wal-Mart.  400-500 of the pieces in that set are regular-scale.  Just ignore the micro parts and track if you don't like them.

I personally like the micros to use as sighting pieces, but Its all on prefernece. But if you dont want any micro pieces, I suggest looking in a used toy store or some thrift shop. Or a yard sale. But then again, Ebay is usually a guarantee.

No stores sell just regular knex anymore. In every set you will find some micro pieces. If you want some good knex I would search Ebay.com or go to knex.com. That's how I get my knex.