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Are there any tools that you've found indispensable over the years? Answered

Think for a minute about what tools you've found indispensable over the years.

Before you watch this video, please post what that tool is in the comments.

After you finish the video, you can see where you match up to what some other makers have said.

Try not to read anything else before you post though, as there's a lot of potential to sway your opinion on this topic.

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The tools I need to get (but can not purchase) are: motivation, inspiration, and finally persperation. :-)

I feel perspiration is overrated. Motivation and inspiration I'm always wanting more of...but perspiration...I'd be glad to work without it ^_^

Ok, for me its a given, so change that to ASPIRE. ;-)

hahahaha...I aspire to perspire...but only when working out.

Seriouisly though, I have to somehow motivate myself to start making again.....life just has a tendancy to get in the way, and then, the mind wants to chime in: What's the USE *sigh*

I haven't a choice, asleep or awake, moving or stagnant, I perspire :-)

Yeah...I have that same problem...which is why I don't want it so much. right now, I'm sweating as I search the internet, it makes me feel a bit out of shape, but I'll run for 45 minutes later tonight (when it cools off a bit outside)...so I'm pretty sure I'm not THAT out of shape. At least I don't get winded searching online.

Absolutely indispensable: my Leatherman Juice.

Gets more use than I expected: my scroll saw.

I have several leathermen, but they don't tend to get any use. I'll tell you what gets used more then just about any other item I have (surprisingly), my butterfly knife. Any and everything I need to cut, that is my go-to tool. I think it might be most used item, because it's the only one that doesn't have a home with all of my other tools. Meaning it's always on the shelf ready to go (it doesn't hurt that it's fun to play with too).

I do need a scroll saw though. That's a good one!

I got a second hand one, £20. I even use it to trim bamboo skewers!

This is what I usually have on my belt:


I took this two days ago with the intention of responding straight away, but have been too busy. I've been working on building my new computer, and these are all the tools I have laying out. The screwdriver pack wasn't used, but I find these (and a pair of needle nose pliers) tend to be my go to tools for just about any occasion.


Totally! That's the one tool I don't current have (as my previous one broke before I moved), and I haven't had a chance to pick up a new one yet. I feel lost without it.

I can't live without it! Someday, I want to buy a cordless one for carrying in my backpack everywhere. And then, really I will feel like the Doctor!

Not as powerful as its big brothers are, but the Stylus serves me well for most desktop projects

Nice! The way I'm picturing this, is that you'll have the cordless in the bottom of your backpack, and a rotary tool, that comes out of your bag and is held on by something like an old style phone hanger (but for dremel tools). That would look amazing!


5 years ago

I probably should have said friends ... but I said hacksaw. I said hacksaw because a hacksaw is the purveyor of all kinds of messiness and messes are the chaos from which we build.

A hacksaw makes everything into lego-like raw materials that we make other things from.

Step 1) Hack a bicycle in half (with a hacksaw).
Step 2) Make it into something new with friends.

Friends, hacksaws...They're both pretty indispensable.

Opposing thumbs!

Let me rephrase that...What are opposing thumbs!

I like my thumbs working in tandem with the rest of me. When they oppose my every whim, it just makes things difficult. ^_^

Unable to afford a Leatherman, my pocket knife is my most indispensible tool. In second place would be my soldering iron.

Dremel Rotary Tool. It's my Sonic Screwdriver!