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Are there hot guys out there? Answered

just wonderin



Depends on you preferences... But we males come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and such, the answers yes, but on the same score as men have to do you have to go socialising to find them...

I love these existential questions.  You know questions centered only whether some person, place, or thing exists, or doesn't.  Here's the short list:

Out there:
hot guys
the truth

Not out there:
four sided triangles
Santa Claus

Hott is a veiwpoint.

Just stating that.

Obviously, since the species manages to perpetuate itself.

Whether they're where you're looking for them, and what to do if not (look somewhere else, pick another definition of "hot", get thee to a nunnary) are things you'll have to work out on your own.

Given our current propensity towards procreation for recreation these days, it appears that guys are more just "there" than hot.

I mean really, take a hard look inside a Wal-Mart.  Just think about how the dudes that shop there with their common-law wives and their forty-eleven kids have had an opportunity to poop in our gene pool.

It boggles the mind.

I accidentally left out the mental image of those beer-gutted, mulletoid men in Motley Crue shirts and holey socks heaving away atop any female, his fake Figaro neckchain dangling in her face, sweat pouring down its length and plopping on her forehead like clown shoes on hot pavement...

I either need a cigarette or a bullet to the brain.

Comfortably warm


Yes, I'm taken.


8 years ago

Statistically, yes.
But for obvious reasons,
We remain hidden.

(What's hotter than mad haiku skills?)

8 years ago

Wait 'til Friday.

Predicted temperatures (from Sunday/Celsius): 35,35,37,37,37, 39.

By Friday we will ALL be HOT! Especially the guys who work outdoors..

 No they are all ugly and old and not hot at all

depends on what your definition of hot is.

If you find skinny dorky guys who still live with their parents hot then you found the right site.