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Are there low fat or no fat pie crust recipes? Answered

Healthy living without sacrificing my pie addiction. Are there recipes to make pie crusts without fat or with low fat content?


Hello Everyone,

Yes, I think it is definitely a struggle coming up with a low fat or fat free pie crust recipe. I have made a few different low fat and fat free pie crusts for my clients and blog followers. The "Fat Free Sweetie Pie Crust" works well with my recipe of pumpkin pie (partially cooked custard) and pre-cooked fruit pie fillings and the "Low Fat Graham Cracker Crust" recipes both original and chocolate work awesome with cheesecakes, chilled pies and in any recipe calling for a graham cracker crust. Give them a try. Nothing can truly replace a full fat traditional pie crust, but these crusts will fool you as long as the filling is very tasty. Give them a try at www.TheDietingChef.com. Thanks, Chef Meg


I use phillo dough. It comes in extremely thin, square sheets that are very low in fat. I stack five or six layers of it in the pie pan spraying PAM lightly over each layer. I brush the top layer with beaten egg white and allow it to dry a few minutes. Then, pour the filling in.

If you want a top crust, there are a couple of ways to make it:

1.Stack the phillo the same way as before on the table or a plate. Brush the top layer with egg white and allow it to dry a few minutes. Then, brush the edge of the bottom crust with egg white and immediately turn the top crust over on it dried egg white down. Trim excess phillo away with scissors. Cut slits in the top to let the steam out.

At this point, you can brush the top with egg white and sprinkle sugar on it. If you want the top shiny, brush it with beaten egg yolk instead.

Another way to cover the pie is to use large squares of phillo that overhang the sides of the pan for the bottom crust. Then fold the excess over the filling, shape it as you like and brush with egg white.

Important: Bake the pie as usual. If the crust starts to get too brown, lay a piece of aluminum foil loosely over it.

Phillo dough is available in the freezer case at most supermarkets. Its also good for making turnovers and tarts as well as strudel.

Try a plain tortilla for a pie crust, once it "bakes" whether in the microwave or oven, it is a great no fat substitute. I find it works best making individual pies in ramekins or mini ones in custard dishes, but I have also used more than one large tortilla in a regular pie plate by placing one large one over most of the plate and then cutting another in half and using it to cover the areas needed.

One review said "I made the crust and will say it was the prettiest looking crust I have made, easy to roll out and it had a nice texture in general. However, the top crust, as thin as I rolled it, was difficult if not impossible to eat. My small serving caused incredible indigestion and I felt like I had a 10 lb weight in my intestines. I will never make this again and I threw the pie out." About this one:

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You could make a pie crust without fat, but it kind of wouldn't be a pie crust? Pie crust has to have that crumbly/crunchy texture that only fat gives, or it will be hard. So use 'good for you' type fat! Google for your choice of an virgin olive oil pastry. V.o/o is the purest of the o/o's so it's the best one of the 'healthiest' of the oils. (You could TRY using yoghurt or even Avocado pulp

With gall bladder problems any fat neds to be reduced, even the 'good fats'


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Decide what it is about pie you love so much.... Is it the crust or the filling or a combination of both? Do you really need a crust if the filling is what you like the best. I found just cooking the fruit filling & spices alone on the stove top is fantastic. Or if you need that combination of crust & filling maybe change the crust to something better for you such as crumbled oatmeal mixed with sugar/honey, spice, a bit of salt and a few dabs of butter or margarine. This creates more of a cobbler and is easier to make than pie crust. Put the mixture on the bottom or the top or both.