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Are there small car-like motors out there? Answered

I've been wanting to teach myself more about mechanics, and I want to work on a rebuild project. There are problems though: my workshop is small, I don't have a shop-crane, and there's not a lot of money to put into it. I was wondering If there are any motors that are just like that of a car's that are small, cheap, and readily available. I've taken apart a few two- and four- stroke engines, nothing more than a lawnmower. I want to self-educate myself more. Thanks.


You should be VERY interested in this recent topic posted here in the forums. The maker has created several engines that are so ridiculously small that they are just mesmerizing to watch. I can't say that they are "readily available", as this guy is in Europe and doesn't even use the Internet, but his tiny V-12 engine is AMAZING and should give you some inspiration in creating something similar. ;-)

That is extremely cool, but I don't think that I'm very experienced compared to him. I hope to get that good though.

I agree its a little advanced, but I thought (with your question) it would give you some inspiration. Plus I thought the example answered your question about "is there small engines"...

BTW, don't forget to mark your questions as "answered" by clicking on one of the blue buttons for a best answer. I see that you've asked many questions, and if they are answered, then you should really click some of the blue buttons. We also get credited for those best answers. ;-)

It did give me inspiration. Thanks for that. I'll mark some of the questions as answered. I've just been on an internet hiatus for a while.

No problem. A lot of people aren't aware that they should mark their questions as answered when they get the help that they needed, so I wasn't trying to criticize, I just wanted to let you know. Plus, it looks better when questions appear to have been answered. ;-)

As far as I know some university's are developing table top ICE's, the one I was at was building a mini V4 roughly 6" square. I don't know of anything cheap though. Try searching for table top ICE. You'll probably have to settle for a working model or replica.


6 years ago