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Are we going to have to pay to view instructables? Answered

Seems like it with the pro stuff...



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No, but you'll lose "All steps" and pdf. L

that is seriosly sad...instructables is the kind of site you diy and is more open source and to do this to its members is really, really pathetic...

You are not having the essential content taken away - as a non-pro member, you can still post instructables, slideshows and videos. You can still look at all the posted projects. You can still ask Questions and access most of the forums.

All you are losing is some of the richness or enhancement to the site.

What's pathetic are the members who haven't actually paid attention to the reasons why the site owners have been forced into this, and who sit back and moan because they are not getting something for nothing any more.

I respectfully disagree. Essential content *is* being taken away. Secondary pictures...that's huge. Ability to easily print projects without all the banners and sidebars and assorted junk? Huge.

I did pay attention, and the reason the site owners are in this pickle is because of salary overhead and bad marketing. It's not the fault of the contributors, or the visitors, which is what you seem to be suggesting.

Of the 9 instructables I did; I easily spent 10+ hours on each one, and to have them rendered utterly unusable by anyone who wasn't a paying member defeated the entire purpose of me doing the projects in the first place. My choices were either redo all of my instructables so that the content was still available to the new second class citizens (regular members), or acknowledge that I only care about the special class (Pro) members, or remove my IP entirely.

I don't have the time to rework all of my projects that used secondary images. I just don't. I'm also unwilling to treat my fellow 'structable members like second class citizens because they can't pony up the $24 to be a shiny happy special member.

We, the contributors, are who made Instructables what it is. The people who wrote the projects, took the pictures, posted them, that is the very special thing that Instructables had. I feel as though a bond of faith was broken when my mother called me to ask why she had to buy a membership to see my bread project pictures...a project which I heavily promoted on other sites...as I do for many 'structables, not just my own.

I searched Lexus yesterday, searching for case studies on membership fees supporting a site, and it would appear that never, in the history of the internet, NEVER has a membership fee paid for a site of this magnitude. Never. This site could be very profitable in the hands of someone who actually knew how to monetize a site. But Ad Sense? Really? Freshman marketing interns know better than that.

The site was poorly marketed, and badly monetized. But that is not the fault of the contributors, or the viewers. Taxing the contributors and removing content to behind a pay-wall is only going to alienate the people who helped make the site what it is.

It is sad. I will miss it. It may have been the last gasp of open source cooperative publishing.

On a personal level: I find it offensive when you suggest that people like myself, who are members that have driven a fair amount of traffic to the site are moaning because we're not getting something for free. I was *giving* the site content. Giving it. Free. I wasn't getting anything.

And for Pro members to suddenly suggest that I'm less of a member, or that I'm a freeloading whiner, because I don't have a pro badge within days of it being announced, is a stratification of the site that I'm absolutely unwilling to support. It's "Us vs Them" thinking, and it's awful to see it raise it's ugly head on a community such as ours.

It is comments like that that helped me decide that I should remove my content. If I have no value to the site, even with all my contributions, because I didn't instantly run out and buy a pro badge, then this site isn't the open source community I thought it was. If complaining about a decision to suddenly put all of my work...which I donated for free, to a site that promised to make it freely available.... behind a pay wall so that nobody could see it makes me a whiner, well, I guess that's that then.

I understand that you're a loyalist Kiteman, and I appreciate your position, just as I've enjoyed your contributions to the site. But to suggest that those of us that don't agree with you are whiny losers who offer nothing to the site is offensive, ridiculous, and mean spirited.

You are looking for insult where none exists.

I did not even hint in your direction, as I had previously assumed you would be intelligent enough to realise.

It is, of course, your right to unpublish your content. I am sure you are perfectly capable of getting as much exposure for it on other websites as it has been given here.

Just in case you feel like another rant, I ought to point out that this site not being supported solely by membership fees, nor do they rely simply on google for advertising revenue (unless you think the various whole-site sponsorship deals from Apple and Norton were arranged through Ad-Sense?).

And so what if no other site this size has survived on this model before - there has been no other site like this before.

i think mabye an entry fee into the competitions would be a better alternitive!!!


That would be immensely elitist - restricting entry only to those who can pay the fee. Remember the ThinkGeek contest? You had to use TG products to be allowed to enter, and it was one of the lowest-entered contests I can remember in 3 1/2 years of membership.

The pro memberships are maintaining the site's existence for those who cannot pay (those who refuse because they want the site free are another issue). Charging for entry would isolate a lot of people from one of the most fun and rewarding parts of the site.

oh!!! ok!!! but i think you should pay for some new added features instead of taking away some of the previous features!!!

You would not be able to charge so much for the few added extras, so you would need more members than are currently needed for the site to survive.

what do you mean? can you explain a bit more

no but you will loose a lot of the features avadible here!!!! i think its a rip off!!!

I don't know what the craze of petitions on internet forums is about, but they're not the catch-all solution you think it is. All they do is prove how selfish and needy some people are. Unless your petition can generate enough revenue to keep the site up and running, it won't accomplish anything. Sure, it's sad that it had to come to this, but I'd rather pay to keep the site alive than stand aside and watch it die. It's better to have a slightly limited Instructables than no Instructables at all.

They could've at least let us keep our favorites, well thats fine, I found a simple solution around it, if you want I can pm you how.

selfish and needy? i CANT pay it!!! if i had a bank account i would sign up for it because it is actullay quite cheap!! but i cant which sucks so i cant go pro so that is why i want to still be able to use all the features of this site!!!

BULLSH*T! If instructables needs to pay their bills they need to do it some way else! put a donation button! TRY IT! There are THOUSANDS of members here and im sure some are willing to donate! Ill even donate! If it doesnt work then you can try pro with extra features. whats wrong with the world nowadays everyone is nickle and diming you because their nickle and dime-less because some JACKASS decided to charge extra money.


9 years ago

I do not think so, I have not heard any news about that, otherwise, i would say yes.